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English Country Dancing is the dance form of Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Napoleon. It is done in groups, with dancers weaving intricate patterns around each other to music ranging from lively jigs and reels to dreamy and hypnotic melodies. Today there are ECD communities around the world, including Australia, Europe, Canada, and the US.
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Solstice dance:
Christine Robb calling with Dorothy de Val on piano and Barbara Ackerman on flute

Fundraising bakesale:
In the spirit of the time, we'll have a bake sale to help raise funds so that we can keep bringing you special events like our recent visit from Gene Murrow, Peter Barnes, Jacqueline Schwab and Earl Gaddis. Please bring some baked goods, if you can.

Dancing 8 to 10.30
at St. Barnabas, 361 Danforth Ave
10/7/family rates.
We encourage you to bring snacks to share at the break and also your own cups to help protect the environment.

Coming events:

Wednesday, December 31
New Year's Eve dance
8.30-12.30 at St. Barnabas with Tara Bolker, Karen Millyard, Christine Robb, Walter Zagorski, Dorothy de Val, Stephen Fuller, and Barbara Ackerman

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